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Owens Lake Master Plan Draft Comments

Planning Committee

Audubon 2-4-2012

Bagley Mark 2-16-2012

CA Dept of Fish and Game 2-3-2012

CA State Lands Commission_2-6-2012

CA State Lands Commission Supplement_2-7-2012

Cal Native Plant Society Board 2-5-2012

Ferrel Ingram_Eastern Sierra Land Trust 2-6-2012

Inyo County 2-2-2012

Joseph Mel_Lone Pine Paiute 2-3-2012

LADWP 2-6-2012

Lamos Paul_Rio Tinto Minerals 1-11-2012

McLaughlin Steve 12-30-2011

Schade Ted_Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control 2-1-2012

Stakeholder Forum

Bacock Alan_Big Pine 02-03-12

Hohman Judy_Fish Wildlife Service 1-31-2012

Klingler Ceal 2-7-2012

Manning Sally 2-5-2012

Pearce Robert_NRCS 1-13-2012

Pritchett Daniel 2-2-2012

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