Contents on this page are the assemblage of materials used to make a determination for supplemental dust control requirements at Owens Lake based on data from July 1, 2002 - June 30, 2004.
2002 - 2004 Supporting Documents for Owens Lake Supplemental Dust Control Area Determination
Determination supporting documents listed alphabetically by file name. The entire supporting document data package can be download in click (here)(80mb), otherwise choose one or many of the category links below.
Note: all links are to compressed zip files.
  • animations:(2.4mb)
    Executable “Flash” animation files summarizing hourly model predictions and actual monitored PM-10 values for five of the largest dust storm events during the 2002 through 2004 period.
  • GIS-data:(6mb)
    • GPS’d Sources – GIS [ArcInfo] coverages of the source areas delineated on the lake bed with GPS equipment. Two folders: 02-03 data and 03-04 data.
    • Observations – Oct-2002 thru May-2003 (24 days) and Nov 2003 thru May 2004 (23 days) dust observations. These source areas were drawn in by hand on an Owens Lake map by trained observers and scanned into GIS [ArcInfo] coverages.
    • Source Area Delineations – GIS [ArcInfo] coverages for both 02-03 and 03-04
    • Supp0204 – GIS [ArcInfo] coverage of the SCR area for the entire 2002-2004 SCR period.
  • kfactors:(371kb)
    One Excel file [Screen.2nd.3q02-2q04.xls] containing K-factors generated for all monitor sites, K-factor screening and final K-factor plots for the July 2002 thru June 2004 SCR period.
  • Met-TEOM-SandFlux:(12.2mb)
    Excel files with meteorology, PM-10 [TEOMS] and sand flux data for all sites for the July 2002 thru June 2004 SCR period.
  • model simulations:(53.6mb)
    • EXCEL files used to evaluate the effect of controls on different source areas. Ten highest days for each receptor site are included.
    • Control evaluation spreadsheets were developed for revised K-factors (RSIP), default K-factors, and episodic K-factors.
    • Lone-watch-ALL-Kf.xls summarizes the Lone (> 200 ug/m3) and Watch (>100 ug/m3) event dates for each source area using the RSIP, default and episodic K-factors.
    • Receptor numbers.pdf shows the location of model receptors with the numbers that correspond to the model spreadsheets.
  • perform:(2.8mb)
    • Model performance analysis using 24-hour values for default, 75% revised and episode K-factors.
    • Hourly model performance for two large dust storms (Feb. 1 – 5, 2003 and Mar 29 – Apr 2, 2004) also using default, 75% revised and episode K-factors.
  • SCR Events & Maps:(328kb)
    • Lists of SCR areas by sub-area and chronologically [SCR Event List 2002-04-RSIP.xls].
    • Maps of SCR areas by year [SCR Map 02-03.pdf and SCR Map 03-04.pdf] and 2 years combined [SCR Map 02-04.pdf] (total area)
    • Coordinates and square mileage of SCR areas [Supp_0204_Cord.xls]

To obtain all contents on CD, send email to web with Determination Data Request in subject line. Questions about this page or additional document requests are always welcome.

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