Owens Valley PM10 Planning Area Demonstration of Attainment State Implementation Plan

September 25, 2013


2013 Amendment to the Owens Valley PM10 SIP (Board Order #130916-01) ~50MB .zip file

September 25, 2009

Moat and Row Variance

Moat and Row Variance Docket Number: GB09-06 (~5MB .pdf)

January 28, 2008

FINAL 2008 Owens Valley PM10Planning Area Demonstration of Attainment State Implementation Plan

Entire 2008 SIP (~17mb)



Inside Cover

Notice of Public Hearing

Table of Contents

Back Cover Appendices List

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Owens Valley Planning Area

Chapter 3 - Air Quality Setting

Chapter 4 - Emission Inventory

Chapter 5 - Control Measures

Chapter 6 - Air Quality Modeling

Chapter 7 - Control Strategy

Chapter 8 - Enabling Legislation

Chapter 8 - Exhibit 1 - Map and coordinates of PM10 control areas

Chapter 8 - Exhibit 2 - TDCA Minimum Dust Control Efficiency map

Chapter 8 - Exhibit 3 - Shallow Flood control efficiency curve

Chapter 8_Attachment A - 2006 Settlement Agreement LADWP

Chapter 8_Attachment B - OVPA SCR Determination Procedure

Chapter 8_Attachment C - Owens Lake Dust ID Program Protocol

Chapter 8_Attachment D - 2008 BACM Procedure

Chapter 9 - References

Chapter 10 - Glossary

Chapter 11 - Clerk Declaration and Resolutions


Cover- List of Appendices

APPENDIX A - PM10 Monitoring Data (Excel File)

APPENDIX B - Air Quality Modeling Report

APPENDIX C - Public Comments on the Draft SIP and District Responses

APPENDIX D - Mitigation Monitoring Reporting Program


Findings of Fact and Statement of Overriding Considerations

Mitigation Monitoring Program

Volume I:


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Section 01 Introduction

Section 02 Project Description

Section 03 Existing Conditions

Section 03.01 Air Quality

Section 03.02 Biological Resources

Section 03.03 Cultural Resources

Section 03.04 Hazards

Section 03.05 Hydrology

Section 03.06 Land Use and Planning

Section 03.07 Mineral Resources

Section 03.08 Traffic

Section 03.09 Utilities

Section 04 Alternatives

Section 05 Unavoidable Impacts

Section 06 Significant Irreversible Changes

Section 07 Growth Inducing Impacts

Section 08 Organizations Consulted

Section 09 Report Prep Personnel

Section 10 References

Section 11 Distribution

Volume II:

Part I Appendices Cover

Part II Appendices Cover

Appendices Table of Contents

Notice of Preparation

Compiled Demarcated Comment Letters

Scoping Comment Matrix

2006 Settlement Agreement

Owens Lake Technical Memorandum

Compiled Biological Resources Technical Report

Public Cultural Technical Report

Paleontological Report

Environmental Record Search

Owens Lake Screening Level Ecological Risk Assessment

Traffic Analysis

Volume III:

Final Subsequent Environmental Impact Report (89mb)

Technical Appendix R.D
Biological Resources Technical Report

Technical Appendix R.E
Cultural Resources Technical Report

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