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Air Quality:

Since its formation, the CARB has worked with the public, the business sector, and local governments to protect the public's health, the economy and the state's ecological resources through the most cost-effective reduction of air pollution.
Air at the EPA. Information on: pollutants, pollution, pollution control, pollution effects, pollution legal aspects, pollution monitoring, air quality, atmosphere and much more........
CAPCOA is an Association of thirty-five local air quality agencies throughout California.  We have been in existence since 1975, and are dedicated to protecting the public health and providing clean air for all our residents and visitors to breathe.
Developing data, tools, and policies needed by states and tribes to improve visibility in parks and wilderness areas across the West.
Current measurements and monthly summary reports for Bishop, Independence, and Lone Pine CA.
Link to California Air Resources Board Air Pollution Complaint Page.

Marith C. Reheis, U.S. Geological Survey



LADWP - Eastern Sierra: operations, weather, snow, real time data, recreation, watershed, history and the Lower Owens River Project.
Monitors Owens Valley vegetation, soil water and hydrology. Conducts research and carries out salt cedar control and arid-lands revegetation programs.


Agricultural related activities are becoming increasingly subject to air pollution permits and regulations. The purpose of this website is to keep the California agricultural community apprised of the air quality related activities that may potentially impact their operations.
The purpose of this website is to assist agricultural operators, local air districts, and interested parties in complying with air pollution emission reduction requirements by providing a convenient source of acceptable control techniques.


Current weather conditions, 7-day forecast, plus radar and satellite images.
Local weather by Howard Sheckter.
California Department of Water Resources
Current weather data page with links to time series data plots from select stations that report to WRCC.

Local Research:

A field research station of the University of California. Valentine Camp and the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory .
The station includes a base facility (Owens Valley Lab; elevation 4000') located in high desert near the town of Bishop, as well as three facilities in the White Mountains: a montane station at Crooked Creek (elev. 10,200'), an alpine station at Barcroft (elev. 12,500'), and a remote high alpine lab on the summit of White Mountain Peak (elev. 14,250').

See it for Yourself: Air Quality via Local Webcams

The DustCam is used here at GBUAPCD for real time air quality conditions. Our DustCam is located near Keeler, north of Owens Dry Lake, Inyo County, California, U.S.A..
The Mono DustCam is our only non-Owens Lake dust monitoring camera. The MonoDustCam is located in Lee Vining, South East of Mono Lake, Mono County, California, U.S.A..
BroncoCam (offline)
Located on the 3rd floor of the Bishop Union High School, looking West towards Mt. Basin, Mt. Tom and Wheeler Ridge.
CARMA (offline unless you have the password)
Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy (CARMA) part of the Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVRO) millimeter array

Lee Vining- Located on the roof of the Mono Lake Committee looking ENE towards Mono Lake.
Mono Lake- Located at the Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Area Visitor Center looking East over Mono Lake.

6 Live Mammoth WebCams on the Howard Sheckters weather page(various locations).
Located on the Main Lodge at the Mammoth Mountain Resort.
Located in Mammoth Lakes at the Gateway Shopping Center directly across the parking lot from our Mammoth Lakes Air Quality Monitoring Station.
Located at the Kirkwood Mountain Resort.
Zoomed view of Mount Whitney from Lone Pine hosted by the Whitney Portal Store.

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